Tidying Up Before Your Cleaners Arrive

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Tidying Up Before Your Cleaners Arrive

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Why would anyone clean their house when they are paying one of Edmonton’s professional home cleaning crews to do it for them?

It’s a legitimately ridiculous question, yet many people find themselves scouring through their home just hours before the cleaners come. It’s not like the crew is walking into an episode of Hoarders.

Or are they?

Whether you are employing a professional cleaning crew for the first time or have been on a regular weekly schedule, it’s hard to not tidy up before they come. For many, they pre-clean is part of the schedule and for good reason.

Organization is Your Sanity

Tidying up and putting away papers around your office or the edge of the kitchen counter not only make it easier for the cleaning crew to make that area spotless, it helps you stay organized and more efficient.

All those piles of papers on your home office floor are completely organized – to you. Looking at the stacks, you know one is for mail needing attention, the other is a shred pile and the others, well you know what they are. But even being one of Edmonton’s professional home cleaning services doesn’t give us superpowers to get inside each client’s head to know what’s what.

Hiring a crew to clean your home should save you time and aggravation. Your cleaners thought they were doing a good thing by making one great big pile, after all, the dust bunnies behind those piles are now gone. However, if you aren’t able to walk into your home office without spending two hours trying to find the mortgage bill due tomorrow, you might become a bit miffed at the process.

Spending a few minutes dealing with the weekly paperwork or (laundry that should be hand washed) is good for you and allows cleaning crews to be more efficient.

Embarrassed By Your Own Mess?

It’s no secret that most us of work very hard at the appearance of perfection. You know your teenager is a slob and his bathroom is embarrassing. Heck, you don’t even want to go into it on a good day. You know the refrigerator is filled with science projects from a week of leftover takeout. That spinach dip you indulged in while on a Netflix binge Friday night is still sitting on the coffee table, crusty and growing things other than spinach in it.

Not you? Okay, maybe it’s just us!

But there is something everyone doesn’t want the cleaning crew to go home laughing about or stopping in their tracks totally grossed out by it.

It’s natural. That’s the little ache of pride you feel. Go with it.

It Helps The Cleaning Process

Our friends over at Real World Cleaning Services, consistently say one of their biggest concerns is cleaning around client’s clutter. Whether it’s those piles of papers on the floor, laundry everywhere or the dishes found around the house, all of these prevent them from doing their job quickly and efficiently.

Think about it for a second. If you knew you could do a job in two hours, but it took four for the single fact that someone else didn’t do theirs, you would be frustrated. Wouldn’t you?

 Professional cleaning companies are trying to maximize their time just like you. Their job is cleaning, not organizing. Professional organizers might help you develop systems to keep the house less cluttered and make your cleaners happier. After all, happy crews do a better job too.

It’s okay. Go ahead and pre-clean. You know you aren’t going to scrub the shower or sweep under the sofa. You’re just doing your part to help the crew doing their job as effectively as you want them to.

If you haven’t already started using one of Edmonton’s professional home cleaning services, you can book in 60 seconds online with AceMaids today!

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