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How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors

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There’s a lot to love about the hardwood floor. These beautiful, yet natural flooring options bring a warm and rustic aesthetic to your home, while still being durable enough to stand the test of time. Although cleaning your hardwood floor can be something of a pain if you’ve never done it before, with proper care, they can potentially last for decades.

If you’ve been wondering how to clean your hardwood floors and get that perfect, seamless shine, the following tips might be able to help.

Start with the Basics

Caring your hardwood floor starts with a little regular maintenance. The easiest way to simplify and streamline the cleaning process is to start by dusting your floors with a dry mop, so you can pick up any excess dirt, dust, or pet hair that might get in the way of your deep clean.

For a bi-weekly, or weekly clean, you can vacuum the floor with a brush attachment. Avoid using a vacuum that comes with a beater bar attachment that might s steelcratch the wooden finish. If you just want a quick dust, you can try an electrostatic or microfiber cloth to get rid of any extra debris.

Getting a Deeper Clean

Sometimes, oil, dirt, and grime can build up on your hardwood flooring over time – particularly if you have the floor installed in an area that sees a lot of regular traffic. For the occasional deep clean, you might want to try using a professional wood-cleaning product that’s been carefully prepared according to the instructions on the label.

Start by saturating a clean sponge or rag in some water, then carefully wring it almost to the point of being dry. Remember, you don’t want puddles of water on your hardwood floor. Gradually damp mop the floor, being careful to prevent any patches of standing water, then rinse with a clean piece of fabric, dampened with clear water.

Removing Marks and Stains

Finally, if you have any pesky stains that simply won’t come up with a regular deep-cleaning treatment, you’ll have to work a little harder on dealing with the problem. Richard Lee, Owner of Mythical Maids, says “Remember to consider your flooring finish before you attempt to remove a mark, as if the stain penetrates through the wood, scrubbing too hard could damage the surface of your floor”. To remove stains, try the following natural remedies:

  • For pet stains: Rub the floor with a soft sponge and floor wax. You can also apply vinegar or bleach in diluted amounts to remove the dark spot.
  • Oil-based stains: Rub the area with dishwashing detergent and a soft cloth to break down excess grease, then rinse through with clean water.
  • Heel marks: If people have scuffed their shoes against your beautiful hardwood floor, you can use a very fine steel wool to scrub the space with floor wax and get rid of the marks.
  • White stains and watermarks: Scrub the space carefully with a very fine steel wool, and your preferred brand of floor wax. If the stain penetrates too deeply into the wood, you can lightly sand the floor and clean off the area with an odorless mineral spirit.

Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable treating those precious hardwood floors yourself, call the best cleaning company in Edmonton and book a clean today!


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