What is included


Routine Cleaning: For those who have used our service or another professional cleaning service within the last 3 months.

Deep Cleaning: For those who want their home cleaned top to bottom. Recommended for first time customers!

Move In/Move Out: For those who are moving in or out and need to get their place cleaned professionally. 

We currently service Edmonton and St. Albert



Teams of 2
All supplies and tools
Every clean is insured
Instant customer support

Routine Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move Out/In cleaning
Living Areas & Bedrooms
Dust and wipe all surfaces
Vacuum/Mop Floors
Clean tables and chairs
Clean mirror & fixtures
Clean door/cabinet surfaces
Baseboard cleaning/Moulding
Empty trash from Kitchen & Washrooms
Clean inside cabinets and drawers
Inside Windows
Dust and wipe all surfaces
Clean the sink
Clean exterior of microwave & appliances
Vacuum/Mop floors
Wipe & clean kitchen surfaces
Clean outside of fridge & oven
Clean doors & cabinet surfaces
Baseboard cleaning/Moulding
Clean inside of oven
Clean inside of fridge
Inside Windows
Dust and wipe all surfaces
Clean the sinks
Clean the toilets
Clean countertops
Clean tubs & showers
Clean mirrors and fixtures
Vacuum and mop floors
Clean doors & cabinet surfaces
Baseboard cleaning/Moulding
Clean inside cabinets and drawers
Inside Windows

This table is a guideline to show you what is provided in each package. If you have anything specific you would like done, arrangements can be made!

Additional Service Notes

Post Renovation/Post Construction:

Please note that none of our services (standard cleaning, deep cleaning or move in/move out cleaning) include post-renovation or post-construction cleans. If you require these services, please contact us. If we arrive at your residence and it appears as though post- renovation services are required, we will contact you as additional charges may apply.

Grout Cleaning:

Please be aware that grout cleaning is a specialty service and is not included in any of our services. Please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.


In some cases it may not be possible to restore features or decorative elements such as baseboards or window sills back to their original, or new, condition. This is simply due to all the years of dirt build-up or staining and would not be possible without re-finishing. We may contact you if we feel there are areas such as these that we cannot clean entirely.

Inside Windows:

When booking the "Inside windows" add-on or a cleaning service that includes "Inside windows," please note that it is not possible to clean in between the window panes themselves. If there is still dirt or moisture between the panes once we have cleaned the inside windows, it's possible the airtight seal between the panes is broken and the window may need to be replaced.

Move In/Move Out Cleans:

If you're moving out of an existing residence, or just became the new owner or renter of a house or apartment in Edmonton, AceMaids has a service for you. Freshen up your new living space with an intensive cleaning prior to moving in, or have AceMaids complete your post-rental cleaning checklist for you. Learn more about moving cleaning services.